The unexpected joys of a “zero waste” home

Life could be a lot much easier if we don’t complicate it, if we realize that solutions often lies in the simplest form of act. “Return to nature” a life’s concept and slogan to live by, but is it hard to comply?

Actually no, many people realized that concept, and its benefits by experiencing it themselves.

A “zero waste” home is an pattern of the same name philosophy, that assembles methods of making minimal harm impact on environment and life forms on earth, some people would describe it as “missing joys of life”, but that depends on your point of view toward life itself...

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Be mindfully

My first yoga session (ever!) gave me a lot of new inspiration. Besides the fact that I am not that flexible yet (meh) it does make me want to live a little bit more mindfully every day. Maybe it has also something to do with spring arriving and other things changing (work, home), who knows… Anyway, I like it and think we should celebrate this feeling and stay in this for a little while.

Who’s with me?


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Pretty Amazing

This life is pretty amazing
Men with beards
Rosequartz crystal

Smile there's wine

Love Stories

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Monday morning inspiration

A beautiful image to start a new week! Have a good one you all.


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I am a sucker for pretty things. Beautiful pictures, cute animals, shiny jewelry, fluffy and soft fabrics, new clever products, amazing interiors and so on. Every day I collect some new things I really like and was thinking… “why not sharing them?” Maybe my current favorite things can become one of the things you like as well.

Starting today with my first five current favorite things:

favorite fall outfit

1. Current favorite outfit for fall. Oversized sweater, huge scarf and a big Louis Vuitton (I wish!) shopper. Oh and I love the hair tucked in the scarf thing. It’s all about the details.


favorite recipe

2. Spicy Chocolate Stout Cake with a Simple Peanut Butter Buttercream. Oh my… definitely need to try this recipe as soon as possible! Think the boyfriend wouldn’t mind either ;-)


favorite floor

3. Found this amazingly beautiful wooden floor via Holly Beckers Pinterest.


favorite kitchen wall

4. Chalkboard kitchen walls rock! Period.


favorite hairstyle

5. Time to change my signature high bun into a half bun? What do you think?


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Love from Suriname

I’m enjoying a few sunny and very hot weeks in Suriname. My mothers home country. Spending our days with family, discovering special places and eating all day long…

See you soon in chilly Holland!


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