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Happy pinning! (part 1)

Since I’m spending most of my day (and night) on the internet i collect a lot of inspiration, happy thoughts, beautiful homes and other things i want remember. Or even better… remember where i found them! Thanks to Pinterest this is all possible now and i couldn’t be more happy! I created a lot of different inspiration boards where i collect all my finds. Yay! So, if you can’t wait for every new inspiration post, follow me on Pinterest here and you’re always up to date!

Happy pinning! :)

Love, Sari

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Fashion favorites: spring wardrobe

Now that spring finally arrived, it’s time for some new inspiration. A new season means a new wardrobe. Or at least a few new items in the wardrobe. These pictures inspire me the most at the moment.

Love, Sari

 Polka dot dress (LOVE) and black leather.

 It’s all about the details.

Printed vintage dress. No1 on my spring wishlist.

 Denim at its best.

Ph / Tumblr, Pinterest (Unknown), Thats Chic, Unknown/Acne skirt.



Sunday high tea

When i was a little girl, our babysitter made us (my little sister and me) some origami figures out of tea bag covers. This first picture made me think of these fun nights. Besides that happy memory i’m a tea drinking person. I love a good cup of coffee a day, but i can drink tea 24/7. Especially when the come in such amazing designs!

Wish you all a happy sunday.
Mine starts with some hours of work and a, of course, high tea! :)

Love, Sari

 Origami teabag by Nathalia Ponomareva

 The Yellow Tea Infuser Submarine by Ototo

 Paper boats by Elisabeth Soós

Hang Me Some Tea by Soon Mo Kang



Tuesday tunes

Just sit back, relax and enjoy these Tuesday tunes.

Love, Sari


Wanted to share just the first video with you when i bumped into this beautiful video of ‘The Notebook’ AND my current favorite French pirate. Just had to share!


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I wanna go outside

Thanks to the great first spring-like day we had Sunday AND yesterday, it feels like my whole week was all sunny and full of happiness. Even if that’s not completely true, i would love to keep that memory. To help you all stay in this mood a little longer, i’ve collected some happy shots! Of course all things floral inspire me these days. Also found some lost and found photos from last years great weather so why not share them as well!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead.
Enjoy it!

Love, Sari

{ Love this outdoor space. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a good book }

{ Found this great D.I.Y. project on My Cakies. So simple, so cool! }

{ The picture above remembered me of a photo i took in Dalyan. This one! Large vintage tins used as flower pots. }

{ Another great D.I.Y. project. I think i need a bigger garden, that’s all! }

Ph/ Moodboard, My Cakies, Me, Unkown.