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Dessert sweethearts: behind the scenes

Do you remember the post about the Dessert Sweethearts from April seen here? The catalog for Free People was photographed by Thomas Northcut and it came out April 3th. Joshua Tree, California, was the backdrop for the shoot, with models Jacquelyn Jablonski, Hailey Clauson, Luisa Bianchi and Kate Harrison playing three girls on a pit-stop en route to a music festival. A few weeks ago I bumped into the behind the scenes pictures (thanks to photographer Guy Lowndes of Oyster Magazine)of this shoot and I couldn’t keep them from you. Since summer never showed up in Holland, here some summer vibes! Can’t wait for my next festival weekend after seeing these!

Now make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this picture overload!

These pictures are definitely my number one summer inspiration. Look at this beautiful location! The pretty, natural beauties, the long wavy hair, the clothing, the feathers (I need some feathers in my life!), the styling, everything! I LOVE it!

Hope you’ll all have a great weekend with a little sunshine and a dance maybe?

Bye loves!



The little things through Instagram

Hi there lovely readers!
Just a quick post since I’m working on some deadlines today. Summer finally arrived (but for how long?) today so I’m taking my laptop and books outside. In the meantime you can enjoy watching the little moments and things I collected via Instagram. My new everyday buddy!

Have a sunny day you all.

Love, Sari

STUDY break with my girls / OBI is taking a break too (like every other day)

UTRECHT evening sky. I love to take photos of skies like this one. Amazing! / LAST week I ordered my very first Iphone. Can’t wait for its arrival it’s taking too long anyway…

CLEARING my head during a little bike ride in Utrecht / PRETENDING to be the best housewife ever by starting my own herb “garden”.

ARM CANDY at Soenda festival / LEN FAKI magic at Soenda festival (photo credits for the bf)

STRAWBERRYtime, finally! / I LOVE the beautiful gardens in my town (and the house coming with them)

ENJOYING summer with the bf / INK and daisies.


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Light up!

Ever since my boyfriend and I moved in together I’m getting more and more addicted to interior design. Too bad our apartment is really small and there’s not much room left for all my (very good) ideas. However, there’s always room for some light and especially when they’re on the ceiling or the walls. We have plenty of room there ;)

One day, my apartment will look like this…

All pictures via Pinterest. Click on them to find the real source.

As you can see I’m a sucker for the industrial kinda lamps. Specially the big and heavy ones! Those have to wait though, since it would make our place even smaller. But, while catching up on my favorite blogs, I bumped into a blogpost on A Lioness Of Style about the dutch store Rietveld Licht! They have some amazing lamps and I selected my favorites right away!

My favorites so far. Isn’t the last one amazing? (And a little big, and maybe a “little” expensive…)
If you like my faves you can just CLICK on the image to see more pictures of the lamps or buy them immediately if you want ^^ You should really check out Rietveld Licht’s website anyway and check out the rest of the collection. There’s a LOT! Enjoy!

Love, Sari



We are family!

Happy monday loves! Starting with my new resolution right away; so here’s a new post. Hurray!

Some time ago my sister won a photo shoot on Facebook and me and her boyfriend were the lucky ones to keep her company! I already showed you one picture in my last Friday Favorites post, but I couldn’t keep the other ones from you. The photos were taken by the very talented and lovely Mirella from Kisagrafie and I think she did an amazing job! The pictures look amazing (they have that afternoon sunset glow my sister liked so much!) and she is such an amazing person to work with. If you ever need someone to shoot your wedding, family, new born, pet, home or whatever. She’s definitely the one! Or at least check out here website and see for yourself :)

Well, enough praise. Just see for yourself.

Love, Sari

All pictures by Kisagrafie.


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It’s all about the details

Some fine inspiration to start the weekend. Specially selected for you, my dear readers ;) I love how strong shapes or “little” details can upgrade a simple item and look. I truly believe in the power of details instead of wearing all your statement pieces just at once.  And honestly I’m not that kinda girl that dresses up every morning and these items do it for me! Maybe I’m a little lazy as well…

Hope you all had a fun week. As you already may have noticed, I’m busy (or maybe I can better call it ‘chaotic’ since I’m not that good in planning my time right). I still can’t seem to divide my time correctly and so it turns out that every day is to short or not well spend. Gosh… Thank god the weekend has finally arrived! I’m starting mine very early at the fabric market to buy (I hope!) some nice fabrics for my interior project. The rest of my Saturday will be filled with a lot of women, bra’s and bikini’s at Hunkemöller (my part time job so I can eat, pay the rent of my apartment and shop a little of course). After that I’ll hop on the train to the other side of our little country to keep my bf company while dog sitting at his parents. So I’m looking forward to a Sunday in (how I like to call it) the middle of nowhere just enjoying each others company.

How are you going to spend your weekend? Hope you’ll have a good one!

Love, Sari


Curious where I found this information? Just click on the image and find out! Unfortunately some of them are on my laptop for ages and have a source Unknown. Sorry ’bout that!


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