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Time out

It’s been a while since my last post and it will stay a little quiet over here during summer. Not that I’m going to travel around the world or something. Not at all actually. I wish I could… No, just a little trip around the world that I’d like to call my little hectic and emotional life. Yes, I know. Sounds a little weird but I don’t know how to explain it otherwise without making it all a lot bigger than it is.

I just need some time to clear my head, dream and be away from everything.

Hope you’re all doing well and I hope to see you all when I’m back on track :)
Enjoy your summer!

Love & Kisses,

Ph / Unknown

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prints & things 2.0

Click on the pictures if you’d like to see where I picked them up :)

Pinterest is my best friend. I could spend all day on the couch with my laptop scrolling through loads of inspirational pictures. Today I’d like to share some of my latest ‘Prints & Things’ finds. I’ve done a post like this before as you can see HERE but there’s so much more! Even though I’m not that good in drawing, painting and so on, I really wish I could. How cool would it be to have my own designs hanging on the wall! This is it for now, I’m not feeling that well today so I’ll be the couch potato today!

Have a great Monday!

Love, Sari