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Halloween inspiration

It’s a shame that Halloween is not that big of a deal here in Holland. When I was a little girl we did carve patterns and angry faces in our pumpkins and walked down the streets for treats. But nowadays there are only some bad Halloween parties left and the costumes are even worse! That’s why I like all those crazy (don’t get me wrong, I love you!) American people with their Halloween interiors, Halloween diy projects and Halloween snacks. I’m thinking about carving my own pumpkin again this year. Or at least make some pumpkin soup :)

I found myself (and you) some lovely Halloween inspiration to kick off the weekend!

Love, Sari

Trick or treat Halloween cupcake toppers. Designed by Danny Brito for the girls of A beautiful mess. You can download the Halloween toppers here and start decorating. Enjoy!

Making little Halloween ghosts like my mother did. Using white fabrics (squares), some foam balls, yarn and a needle. These are made by Elsie! I especially love the ones made out of lace fabric.

I don’t have the patience to make nails like these but they are definitely worth a try (and the time!). Find the skull nail tutorial here.

If I’m ever going to attend a big Halloween party this is what I’ll look like. Hopefully. This Dia de los Muertos make-up is absolutely scary yet beautiful! I would love to try a Sugar Skull make-up like this. Takes a lot of time and a lot of practice. I’ll keep you posted ;)

Keep it simple and decorate your table with little pumpkins! Spray paint them silver, gold, black or white. I like these golden ones. Think they look cute in a big bowl.

This one is my absolute favorite! The skull cake pan. How cool! I found this one here on Not Martha and you can find yourself a 3D Skull Cake Pan on Amazon and there’s also a 3D pumpkin pan as well. Happy baking!

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DIY round-up

One of the advantages of the internet is all the inspiration you bump into. I specially love all the creative people around the globe with their DIY projects. Here are the projects I definitely wanna try out some time. And of course, I will show you the end result!

Hope you all had a great weekend & I wish you a creative week ;)

xo Sari

Personal coffee/tea mug by A Beautiful Mess.

Customized tee for the bf by Hip Hunter.

Color dipped wooden spoons by Pure Home.

Lace flower pots by A Beautiful Mess.

Make your own neon vases as seen on Pimpel Wit.


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prints & things 2.0

Click on the pictures if you’d like to see where I picked them up :)

Pinterest is my best friend. I could spend all day on the couch with my laptop scrolling through loads of inspirational pictures. Today I’d like to share some of my latest ‘Prints & Things’ finds. I’ve done a post like this before as you can see HERE but there’s so much more! Even though I’m not that good in drawing, painting and so on, I really wish I could. How cool would it be to have my own designs hanging on the wall! This is it for now, I’m not feeling that well today so I’ll be the couch potato today!

Have a great Monday!

Love, Sari



DIY round-up

As long as I can remember I’ve always been surrounded by creative people. My mom made me and my sister little dolls, big dolls, birthday dresses, headbands and so on. She definitely got that from her mom, just like me! In primary school I learned how to knit, sew and stitch and when my “prom” (we don’t call it prom, but it’s the best translation though) finally arrived me and my mom made my own dress. Oh I was so proud! It was a very Marilyn Monroe kinda dress and it had flowers all over it. I really need to find it soon. It must be somewhere…

However, the dress was not what I wanted to talk to you about. It’s about all the D.I.Y. projects I collect during eh.. every single day. The fact is, I collect them, but I don’t execute them. Shame on me! I now decided to first share them with you and make time to do some of them, finally, this summer.

Who wants to join? :-)

And please, if you have any amazing D.I.Y. projects I should try, let me know! I’d love to add more funny things to my to-do list!

Love, Sari

{Make your own Iphone case just like Elsie did on A Beautiful Mess}

{Turning food cans into wooden vases, via Sincerely, Kinsey}

 {Homemade almond biscotti by Vittoria from The Beautiful Things}

 {Perfect idea for some good old boring jeans, via AfterDRK}

{Best wedding gift idea and very simple. Now I only need a wedding to attend to… via Greenhouse design studio}


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Last minute DIY: Easter edition

Chocolate Easter eggs are already for sale for months (!!!) but now it’s finally here.
I’m not the typical holiday person but I’m a sucker for the cosiness (is that a word?), the little DIY project and, of course, all the delicious and funny food :) Like painted Easter eggs! When I was younger we always decorated our own eggs at school and at home. Most of the times it resulted in multi colored hands, dresses and tablecloths but we had a lot of fun. When getting older painting eggs wasn’t one of our priorities anymore until the day I had a sleepover with some girlfriends. I remember the mom bringing all the eggs inside and told us we had to decorate them. We had so much fun, just like the old days! The next day we all went outside to play a little hide and seek game.

This year I totally forgot about the eggs! I have to work today and we’ll have some friends over tonight for a very belated housewarming and some good food and maybe a little dance. I could bring some eggs and paint as a DIY surprise… Worked for us girls a few years ago. We’ll see!

I’ll leave you with some last minute DIY Easter inspiration for the weekend. Or maybe for next year.

Happy Easter!
Love, Sari

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