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Pretty Amazing

This life is pretty amazing
Men with beards
Rosequartz crystal

Smile there's wine

Love Stories
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Monday morning inspiration

A beautiful image to start a new week! Have a good one you all.


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I am a sucker for pretty things. Beautiful pictures, cute animals, shiny jewelry, fluffy and soft fabrics, new clever products, amazing interiors and so on. Every day I collect some new things I really like and was thinking… “why not sharing them?” Maybe my current favorite things can become one of the things you like as well.

Starting today with my first five current favorite things:

favorite fall outfit

1. Current favorite outfit for fall. Oversized sweater, huge scarf and a big Louis Vuitton (I wish!) shopper. Oh and I love the hair tucked in the scarf thing. It’s all about the details.


favorite recipe

2. Spicy Chocolate Stout Cake with a Simple Peanut Butter Buttercream. Oh my… definitely need to try this recipe as soon as possible! Think the boyfriend wouldn’t mind either ;-)


favorite floor

3. Found this amazingly beautiful wooden floor via Holly Beckers Pinterest.


favorite kitchen wall

4. Chalkboard kitchen walls rock! Period.


favorite hairstyle

5. Time to change my signature high bun into a half bun? What do you think?


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Fashion favorite: Zara TRF lookbook

I have to admit, I have a weak spot for Zara and especially their TRF collections. This TRF spring lookbook made me change my spring wishlist “a little”. The bright blue colors and ethnic prints scream for a place in my closet. The light blue ethnic jacket would match perfectly with both a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans or a flimsy summerdress. What do you think?

Zara lookbook TRF april_1
Zara lookbook TRF april_2
Zara lookbook TRF april_3
Zara lookbook TRF april_4
Zara lookbook TRF april_5
Zara lookbook TRF april_6
Zara lookbook TRF april_7
Zara lookbook TRF april_8
Zara lookbook TRF april_9
Source images: Zara

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5 ways to store your magazines

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! Mine was filled with lots of fun stuff. We went to the first outdoor festival in Amsterdam which was very cold (5 degrees Celsius cold) but really fun! At midnight we celebrated the fact that I was turning 26! Oh my… but went for a Easter egg hunt the next day so I didn’t get the time to feel old ;) The weekend was about friends, family, food, easter eggs, the best birthday gifts (and song!) ever and the new episode of Game of Thrones. Yay!

My boyfriend gave me some really cool vintage orange chairs for my birthday (pictures will follow soon) which made me eager to change the whole interior too. But luckely for him I’ve found enough satisfaction in getting inspiration on how to store all my fashion and interior magazines instead. Here are my five favorite ways to store your magazines.

Magazine storage_1

1. Use an old wooden crate to store your favorite magazines. I love idea of combining to different sizes like the normal size and the smaller Ikea catalogue size.

Magazine storage_2

2. It is very logical to use magazine racks to keep your magazines in and that’s what I love about this one. It is so simple, but by lining them all up against the wall it looks like the most clever idea ever.

Magazine storage_3

3. Some magazine cover are to beautiful not the show. These racks make it possible to create your own magazine wall. I especially like the thin metal and the simple yet artistic design.

Magazine storage_4

4. Make a new nightstand with a pile of magazines. I already spotted the magazine nightstand a few times before, but I think it is time to actually make one. It would make a good side table as well if you ask me.

Magazine storage_5

5. If you are ever that lucky to find a beautiful vintage magazine cabinet like thise one don’t you dare not buying it. This would be the perfect way for me to keep al my favorite magazines in one place. Time for some serious thrift shopping!

Source images: Hos Marte, Scandanavian Deko, Stil Inspiration, Varpunen, Unknown.

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