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Wishlist: best friends

Ph / A Beautiful Mess

Of course it’s not the best friends I’m wishing for, but those cute Iphone cases i bumped into yesterday. Yesterday i celebrated my twenty fifth (yes!) birthday and my best girlfriends came over with an insane amount of presents AND a homemade “Hummingbird” birthday cake! Lucky me! It was amazing having them and my dear family all together and this picture was the perfect one to end the day with.

Now i only have to wait for my Iphone (for about 3-4 months, but the waiting is fun ^^) and buy me and my girls a pretty case!

Have a lovely sunday and stay tuned for a special birthday post!

Love, Sari



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Sunday high tea

When i was a little girl, our babysitter made us (my little sister and me) some origami figures out of tea bag covers. This first picture made me think of these fun nights. Besides that happy memory i’m a tea drinking person. I love a good cup of coffee a day, but i can drink tea 24/7. Especially when the come in such amazing designs!

Wish you all a happy sunday.
Mine starts with some hours of work and a, of course, high tea! :)

Love, Sari

 Origami teabag by Nathalia Ponomareva

 The Yellow Tea Infuser Submarine by Ototo

 Paper boats by Elisabeth Soós

Hang Me Some Tea by Soon Mo Kang



Tuesday tunes

Just sit back, relax and enjoy these Tuesday tunes.

Love, Sari


Wanted to share just the first video with you when i bumped into this beautiful video of ‘The Notebook’ AND my current favorite French pirate. Just had to share!


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Thursday tunes

Oh how I love french songs and this girl is amazing! Makes me long for long summer nights, enjoying a glass of good wine with my dearest friends and family and just enjoy life.

This song is from her album ‘Blonde’ and actually all the songs are amazing. Perfect for every moment of the day if you ask me. And… her stage name is Coeur De Pirate, how cool is that :)

Love, Sari

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The little things: Birthday flowers

Since it’s my little sisters birthday, i wanted to share some happy little things with you! My day on the other hand didn’t start that happy. Dutch trains are (mostly) a disaster so my trip to that same sister took a little longer. Too bad, i have so much songs to sing and gifts to give ;) Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Sari

Floral blouse{ New in! Vintage floral blouse bought at Foei’s Vintage! }

Wrapping paper{ Happy wrapping paper for some lovely gifts from}

Birthday flowers{ Birthday flowers for the little sister }

Birthday cake{ Birthday cake made by my sisters friend Merel. Look how talented she is! }