Celinda Ceramics: Les Belles Dames

I recently discovered the beautiful designs of Celinda Versluis. She gives old porcelain a whole new life with her four French ladies ‘Les belles dames‘. Inspired by the old family pictures of her grandma and her sisters with wavy hairstyles and the pretty tart plates her grandmother served her treats on. Celinda Ceramics consists of old porcelain with floral and more graphic designs  mixed with drawings of the four French ladies. Every one having her own character and style and so does every teapot and plate.

First there is Jeanne, calm and introverted, living in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. Then there is the elegant Hélène from the city and Marie-Louise the older and more serious one. The last one is Madeleine,  the cheerful and colorful type with the feather is her hair. This little story about ‘Les belles dames’ makes me love the designs even more. While searching for my favorites I discovered that Hélène and Madelaine are my favorites ladies. Maybe it is the story behind them or maybe just the pretty designs. Who knows.

Les belles dames
Vintage Teapot Helene
Vintage Teapot Helene_2Plate les belles dames_2Vintage Teapot Helene_4
Vintage plate MarieLouise_1
Vintage plate Helene_1
Vintage Teapot Helene_3
Plate les belles dames
Golden plate belle dames

I can’t wait until I own my first ‘Les Belles Dames’ plate or teapot. Celinda also designs pendants and beautiful tiles. All inspired by those belle dames. You can find all her pretty design in her Etsy shop. What are your favorites?

Source: Celinda Ceramics on Etsy, Celinda Versluis

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