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DIY: Pretty colorful

While strolling around the internet I find myself a lot of inspiration. These colorful photos made me smile and that’s exactly why I wanted to share them with you :)Β All photos are actually some pretty great Do It Yourself projects (some small, some big) so I guess you’ll see some again soon. I promised myself to be a bit more creative Β like old times.

Love, Sari

Friendship { Just one word: SUMMER! }

Colorful felt bag { This felt bag remembers me of my mom. Definitely gonna make this one! }

{ Spring is already here! Such a cute idea, not that cleaning-friendly though ;) Also LOVE the way the books are stored, but hey, I’m a sucker for creative book storage… }

Rainbow table{ Turning a white table into a rainbow! How cool is that!Β }



NEW IN | Chelsea jewelz

Chelsea bracelet

Yesterday i found a little package on my doorstep and, i have to admit, i danced a little. The thing is, i recently won a goodiebag from Chelsea Jewelz. Their Facebook page was recommended by my sister so thanks to her i won those pretty bracelets :) They made me think of the bracelets she and my mom made. Simple, elegant, colorful and handmade! I highly recommend this beautiful brand. All bracelets are handmade and of very good quality. The colors are beautiful and every single piece feels like a little gift. See my new beauties below.

Love, Sari

Chelsea bracelet

Chelsea bracelets

Arm candy

Wish bracelet


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