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The little things through Instagram

Hi there lovely readers!
Just a quick post since I’m working on some deadlines today. Summer finally arrived (but for how long?) today so I’m taking my laptop and books outside. In the meantime you can enjoy watching the little moments and things I collected via Instagram. My new everyday buddy!

Have a sunny day you all.

Love, Sari

STUDY break with my girls / OBI is taking a break too (like every other day)

UTRECHT evening sky. I love to take photos of skies like this one. Amazing! / LAST week I ordered my very first Iphone. Can’t wait for its arrival it’s taking too long anyway…

CLEARING my head during a little bike ride in Utrecht / PRETENDING to be the best housewife ever by starting my own herb “garden”.

ARM CANDY at Soenda festival / LEN FAKI magic at Soenda festival (photo credits for the bf)

STRAWBERRYtime, finally! / I LOVE the beautiful gardens in my town (and the house coming with them)

ENJOYING summer with the bf / INK and daisies.


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Chelsea bracelet

Yesterday i found a little package on my doorstep and, i have to admit, i danced a little. The thing is, i recently won a goodiebag from Chelsea Jewelz. Their Facebook page was recommended by my sister so thanks to her i won those pretty bracelets :) They made me think of the bracelets she and my mom made. Simple, elegant, colorful and handmade! I highly recommend this beautiful brand. All bracelets are handmade and of very good quality. The colors are beautiful and every single piece feels like a little gift. See my new beauties below.

Love, Sari

Chelsea bracelet

Chelsea bracelets

Arm candy

Wish bracelet


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