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September through Instagram

I just wanted to share my September with you through Instagram. For me, this is a special month since it’s the beginning of autumn (means red leaves, candles, sunny days and yes… a lot of rain as well :P) and it’s the month of my moms birthday. For me it’s also a month of new beginnings. I started my mindfulness course, (almost) ended my school project and tomorrow, on the first day of October, I will start with my final internship. September also gives me the urge to change things. Like me interior, wardrobe, haircut etc. I didn’t do any of those things yet because of all the deadlines, but my to do list is waiting impatiently!
First, some of my daily little things through Instagram.

Have a lovely Sunday :)

xo Sari

My best friend brought me a little hummingbird all the way from Brazil!

In my beautiful home town. I love sunny autumn days and old cities.

Enjoying this seasons last outdoor festival with some good friends in Utrecht.

Finishing my wall piece for my interior project.

Getting greedy at Zara. I think I definitely need some boots since autumn already started ;)

Welcoming our new little friend Abu.
Obi’s still not sure if he likes him or not… Time will tell ;)








Getting things done. (One of my favorite things)

Last years autumn feelings at our doorstep.

Birthday flowers for the best mom in the world :)


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Flowers for the best mom

Today is the day you get out of bed early to make your mom breakfast. The day we used to give her all our finger painted creations, not so pretty but so cute. We gave her a card and told her she didn’t have to do anything that day. In the end, she always took care for us the whole day. But it’s about the idea right?
This year will be different. It’s the first Mother’s Day without her. In our heart she’s still here and that’s why we bought her some beautiful flowers yesterday. She loved flowers! That’s why I love being around them too. The make me think of her. We used to pick wild flowers with her when spring finally arrived. Enormous bouquets, too big to carry home ourselves. It’s the memories that keep her with us.

Found these images this week and they made me think of mom.
So here they are. On Mother’s Day.

Hope you all have a good one. One more memory to cherish :)

Love, Sari

Click on the image to see where I found it.


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There’s no one like grandma

I’m back.

Not that I’ve been away for ages, but there’s been a little silence her on the blog.
The fact is that my grandma passed away this Sunday. She was 85 years old. A respectable age, but the grief is no less. My granny was perfect and I’m very grateful for all the happy memories we have. Will miss her lots though… That’s why I wanted to dedicate this post to her and all the grandma’s in the world.

“There is no place like home, except grandma’s.”

So true. She is always happy to see you and when I finally sat down on the “grandma couch” after a 2,5 hour drive the homemade coconut cookies were waiting for me. She always made them herself and I can’t even remember a day she didn’t cook or bake something.
When the whole family was visiting, she made her famous bami and peanut soup. For all of us and you didn’t even notice she was in the kitchen preparing everything!
Yes, magic happens sometimes…

Besides the best cook I know, she was also very creative. Knitting, embroidering, drawing, sewing, painting. She did everything and we were always happy to help her or to just sit and watch her magic. She ones made us a little book full of old Dutch children songs. She made drawings of every action in the song and put a beautiful golden cover around it. It must have been so much work for her but she did it anyway and it made us extremely happy.

Grandma’s always do everything for you. No matter how much work it is or how long she has to travel. She’s always there. When my mom had a little accident while ice skating, grandma immediately jumped on the train and traveled 3 hours to take care of her daughter, and of course, us. Every visit from her was like a little party. I can still see her sitting at the window, playing crossword puzzles and smile at us over her glasses. Just happy to see us play and when we fought she could look so strictly we immediately started playing again. That granny magic again. She always played games with us, never got tired and… never let us win. Maybe once, but I can’t remember. She always won.

I’m very grateful that she was with me for so long. My sister and I have so many memories of our childhood with her , but I’ll keep that for myself cause I could write a book about it. I hope you’ll enjoy or remember your grandma’s warmth, love, care and extremely good food instead. Because there’s no one like grandma.

You’ll always be with me.

Love, Sari


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Wishlist: best friends

Ph / A Beautiful Mess

Of course it’s not the best friends I’m wishing for, but those cute Iphone cases i bumped into yesterday. Yesterday i celebrated my twenty fifth (yes!) birthday and my best girlfriends came over with an insane amount of presents AND a homemade “Hummingbird” birthday cake! Lucky me! It was amazing having them and my dear family all together and this picture was the perfect one to end the day with.

Now i only have to wait for my Iphone (for about 3-4 months, but the waiting is fun ^^) and buy me and my girls a pretty case!

Have a lovely sunday and stay tuned for a special birthday post!

Love, Sari



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The little things: Birthday flowers

Since it’s my little sisters birthday, i wanted to share some happy little things with you! My day on the other hand didn’t start that happy. Dutch trains are (mostly) a disaster so my trip to that same sister took a little longer. Too bad, i have so much songs to sing and gifts to give ;) Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Sari

Floral blouse{ New in! Vintage floral blouse bought at Foei’s Vintage! }

Wrapping paper{ Happy wrapping paper for some lovely gifts from Tiger.dk}

Birthday flowers{ Birthday flowers for the little sister }

Birthday cake{ Birthday cake made by my sisters friend Merel. Look how talented she is! }