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Secret garden

Every sunny day makes me long for a big garden and a green thumb. Currently I have none of them. A big garden in the middle of Utrecht is waaaay to expensive and trust me, I try my best, but each plant in my little garden is ruined by either a neighbor cat or an army of snails. Yuk! And too bad. Even my sunflower didn’t survive! If that one would grow without the snails and cats is a guess. I recently solved the snail issue (not with salt, but with beer! So I got myself some drunk and dead snails ^^) but I just can’t guard my plants 24/7. So, until the time I can afford myself a bigger garden and after I followed some gardening lessons, I find myself collection some inspiration. Yet again.

And tadaaa… this is what my secret garden would look like!

Oh and any advice on the “let my plants survive” issue is more than welcome.
The only thing that’s growing and surviving right now are my loyal basil plants. Hurray!

xo Sari

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Happy pinning! (part 2)

It’s been a while since my last update and I’m sorry for that. The last few weeks were a little bit hectic for me and I didn’t find the energy to write some happy posts. But here I am again, full of inspiration (okay a little) and ready to share my latest pins on Pinterest! Besides my absence here, there are also a lot of blogs waiting for some serious catching up! First, some studying and cleaning the home, but I’ll reward all that hard work with some cookies and a lot of blog reading. Have a lovely day you all :-)

See you soon!

Love, Sari

 {Liquor cabinet at the Wythe Hotel, one of the things I’ll definitely want when we – someday – own a bigger place }

{Audrey Tautou, such a natural beauty. I love this “Parisienne” look}

{Beautiful water color painting found during one of those hours on Tumblr}

{One day, if I’m the happy owner of a bigger garden… This one will be the first project}

{Yellow, yellow and more yellow. Can your day start any brighter than this?}

{Still want a little herbs and vegetables garden like this one! Work in progress…}

{Things I wanna wear when working on my interior project. BIG jumpers! I also blame the Dutch weather for it…}

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I wanna go outside

Thanks to the great first spring-like day we had Sunday AND yesterday, it feels like my whole week was all sunny and full of happiness. Even if that’s not completely true, i would love to keep that memory. To help you all stay in this mood a little longer, i’ve collected some happy shots! Of course all things floral inspire me these days. Also found some lost and found photos from last years great weather so why not share them as well!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead.
Enjoy it!

Love, Sari

{ Love this outdoor space. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a good book }

{ Found this great D.I.Y. project on My Cakies. So simple, so cool! }

{ The picture above remembered me of a photo i took in Dalyan. This one! Large vintage tins used as flower pots. }

{ Another great D.I.Y. project. I think i need a bigger garden, that’s all! }

Ph/ Moodboard, My Cakies, Me, Unkown.