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Pretty Amazing

This life is pretty amazing
Men with beards
Rosequartz crystal

Smile there's wine

Love Stories
Source images: french-voguettes.com, lovestoriesintimates.com, society6.com, stylelovely.com and various Tumblrs.

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Monday morning inspiration

A beautiful image to start a new week! Have a good one you all.


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It’s been a while since my last posts but in the meantime I graduated, enjoyed what we call summer here in Holland and spend some quality time with the boyfriend, family and close friends. After all the summer festivals and graduation parties it is now time for some serious fall preparations.

To me it all seems very clear that I need an update and especially a fluffy and comfy one. My ultimate favorite item for fall would be the teddy jacket or cardigan! It looks comfy, cosy and chique at the same time and I love the texture and its appearance. It looks amazing with leather and though boots, but I wouldn’t mind wearing one with a silk dress either. So ladies, lets find ourselves the perfect teddy for fall! Oh and I prefer the beige version as you may have guessed ;-)


Source images: Stockholmstreetstyle.com, Thischicksgotstyle.com, Style.com, Elle.com


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Creative working spaces

The last month or so I’ve spend a lot of time working from home. I kinda like it this way, but since we don’t have aΒ separate study room, I”m switching between my boyfriends desk, the dining table and the couch (not the most responsible posture) because the same view every day makes me a little bit bored… This whole working from home thing has made me think of creating a small working space of my own. I would like to call it a creative hideaway. And that’s where my best friend Pinterest comes in handy.

After saving all my favorite working spaces I can say that I’m in special need of a wall where I can pin, hang or stick prints, photos and post-its (light bulb!) on. I wish that one day I will be the proud owner of my own creative hideaway with lots of natural light (which means big windows!) a big, rustic wooden table with a mix of different chairs around it. Β And, of course, a big empty wall to start building a huge moodboard.

Creative spaces-7
Creative spaces-5
Creative spaces-6
Creative spaces-3
Creative spaces-2
Creative spaces-4
Creative spaces-1
Creative spaces
Creative spaces-8

What would your ultimate working space look like? Or what is the number one thing you need in that study area? I would love to hear your ideas!

Source images: House of Bliss, VT Wonen, Wool Clouds, My Ideal Home, AMM, Bodie and Fou, Counting Stone Sheep, Blood and Champagne, Little Bits of Lovely

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Fashion favorite: Zara TRF lookbook

I have to admit, I have a weak spot for Zara and especially their TRF collections. This TRF spring lookbook made me change my spring wishlist “a little”. The bright blue colors and ethnic prints scream for a place in my closet. The light blue ethnic jacket would match perfectly with both a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans or a flimsy summerdress. What do you think?

Zara lookbook TRF april_1
Zara lookbook TRF april_2
Zara lookbook TRF april_3
Zara lookbook TRF april_4
Zara lookbook TRF april_5
Zara lookbook TRF april_6
Zara lookbook TRF april_7
Zara lookbook TRF april_8
Zara lookbook TRF april_9
Source images: Zara

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