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Creative working spaces

The last month or so I’ve spend a lot of time working from home. I kinda like it this way, but since we don’t have a separate study room, I”m switching between my boyfriends desk, the dining table and the couch (not the most responsible posture) because the same view every day makes me a little bit bored… This whole working from home thing has made me think of creating a small working space of my own. I would like to call it a creative hideaway. And that’s where my best friend Pinterest comes in handy.

After saving all my favorite working spaces I can say that I’m in special need of a wall where I can pin, hang or stick prints, photos and post-its (light bulb!) on. I wish that one day I will be the proud owner of my own creative hideaway with lots of natural light (which means big windows!) a big, rustic wooden table with a mix of different chairs around it.  And, of course, a big empty wall to start building a huge moodboard.

Creative spaces-7
Creative spaces-5
Creative spaces-6
Creative spaces-3
Creative spaces-2
Creative spaces-4
Creative spaces-1
Creative spaces
Creative spaces-8

What would your ultimate working space look like? Or what is the number one thing you need in that study area? I would love to hear your ideas!

Source images: House of Bliss, VT Wonen, Wool Clouds, My Ideal Home, AMM, Bodie and Fou, Counting Stone Sheep, Blood and Champagne, Little Bits of Lovely

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5 ways to store your magazines

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! Mine was filled with lots of fun stuff. We went to the first outdoor festival in Amsterdam which was very cold (5 degrees Celsius cold) but really fun! At midnight we celebrated the fact that I was turning 26! Oh my… but went for a Easter egg hunt the next day so I didn’t get the time to feel old ;) The weekend was about friends, family, food, easter eggs, the best birthday gifts (and song!) ever and the new episode of Game of Thrones. Yay!

My boyfriend gave me some really cool vintage orange chairs for my birthday (pictures will follow soon) which made me eager to change the whole interior too. But luckely for him I’ve found enough satisfaction in getting inspiration on how to store all my fashion and interior magazines instead. Here are my five favorite ways to store your magazines.

Magazine storage_1
1. Use an old wooden crate to store your favorite magazines. I love idea of combining to different sizes like the normal size and the smaller Ikea catalogue size.

Magazine storage_2
2. It is very logical to use magazine racks to keep your magazines in and that’s what I love about this one. It is so simple, but by lining them all up against the wall it looks like the most clever idea ever.

Magazine storage_3
3. Some magazine cover are to beautiful not the show. These racks make it possible to create your own magazine wall. I especially like the thin metal and the simple yet artistic design.

Magazine storage_4
4. Make a new nightstand with a pile of magazines. I already spotted the magazine nightstand a few times before, but I think it is time to actually make one. It would make a good side table as well if you ask me.

Magazine storage_5
5. If you are ever that lucky to find a beautiful vintage magazine cabinet like thise one don’t you dare not buying it. This would be the perfect way for me to keep al my favorite magazines in one place. Time for some serious thrift shopping!

Source images: Hos Marte, Scandanavian Deko, Stil Inspiration, Varpunen, Unknown.

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INSPIRATION: a pop of pink

Pink! One of my favorite colors for spring as you could already see here and actually a great color for almost everything. It is that fresh, bright and soft at the same time. When using it to brighten up your room or outfit it seems like it gives just that little extra happiness without being all girly. It can be really tough as well. Well, I wouldn’t mind a pop of pink in my apartment. Some fresh flowers or a neon stool. I’m off to paint something pink.

Have a nice weekend!

Pop of pink_interior
Pop of pink_fashion_2
Pop of pink_interior_1
Pop of pink_food
Pop of pink_makeup
Pop of pink_light
Pop of pink_fashion_1
Pop of pink_interior_2
Pop of pink_doors

Source images: Garance Doré, Dessert for Breakfast, Rainbow Wildfox, Olof Jakobina, Jak & Jil, This isn’t Happiness, Pinterest/Unknown.

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Celinda Ceramics: Les Belles Dames

I recently discovered the beautiful designs of Celinda Versluis. She gives old porcelain a whole new life with her four French ladies ‘Les belles dames‘. Inspired by the old family pictures of her grandma and her sisters with wavy hairstyles and the pretty tart plates her grandmother served her treats on. Celinda Ceramics consists of old porcelain with floral and more graphic designs  mixed with drawings of the four French ladies. Every one having her own character and style and so does every teapot and plate.

First there is Jeanne, calm and introverted, living in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. Then there is the elegant Hélène from the city and Marie-Louise the older and more serious one. The last one is Madeleine,  the cheerful and colorful type with the feather is her hair. This little story about ‘Les belles dames’ makes me love the designs even more. While searching for my favorites I discovered that Hélène and Madelaine are my favorites ladies. Maybe it is the story behind them or maybe just the pretty designs. Who knows.

Les belles dames
Vintage Teapot Helene
Vintage Teapot Helene_2Plate les belles dames_2Vintage Teapot Helene_4
Vintage plate MarieLouise_1
Vintage plate Helene_1
Vintage Teapot Helene_3
Plate les belles dames
Golden plate belle dames

I can’t wait until I own my first ‘Les Belles Dames’ plate or teapot. Celinda also designs pendants and beautiful tiles. All inspired by those belle dames. You can find all her pretty design in her Etsy shop. What are your favorites?

Source: Celinda Ceramics on Etsy, Celinda Versluis

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Interior inspiration: ideas for the home

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a room surrounded by piles of… things. Clothes, shoes, bags, coffee cups, jewelry (especially jewelry!), magazines and other things that don’t seem to find there way back to the place where they belong. Time to re-organize that home of yours (or ours). Since I live a in small apartment with my boyfriend and all our stuff, I love to see how other people manage to keep their homes organized. Below you can find my current organized homes favorites.

Ideas for the home 1

Ideas for the home 2

Ideas for the home 3

Ideas for the home 4

Ideas for the home 5

Sources: A Beautiful Mess, Tumblr, From Scandinavia With Love, Miss Moss, Pinterest.

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