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BIG news: intern @ Fashionology!

My minor project is almost coming to an end which means it’s time to think about graduating! I had a few job/intern applications about two weeks ago and I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be working at the Fashionology HQΒ starting October 1st!


I’m really looking forward to it since it’s my favorite jewelry brand! They not only make beautiful, on nature inspired jewelry. Every piece has it’s own meaning and I love statement pieces like that. Their new collection is absolutely breath taking (again!) and I simply can’t stop staring at all the amazing rings! Wish I could buy every single piece and wear them every day. But unfortunately… that’s not really within my budget. But a girl can dream right. And only working in the middle of all these amazing pieces will work for me (or maybe it won’t).

But well, in the meantime I’ll show you my current favorites and don’t forget to pay their website a visit. I’m sure you can’t resist them either ;)

And maybe you want to buy my favorites right away. Just click on the image and make them your own!

Love, Sari


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Sunny jewelry

I’m currently driving myself crazy with these images. Traveling by train right now and it’s finally spring, eh.. summer outside! Some places even look like the ones in the pictures. Well, have to hold on for one more hour before I can enjoy it. In the meantime I’ll keep on dreaming about this jewelry collection Luv AJ and LF Stores created together for this summer. My favorite? Maybe I can have everything?

Love, Sari



There is beauty in simplicity

I’m really into simple jewelry lately and wanted to share one of my latest loves with you. A few months ago my sister and i both got a new golden ring (made from gold of our mothers parents) and this beauty made me love the beauty of simplicity even more. Though i love a big chunky ring (or bracelet or necklace) sometimes, the little things take over.

Petite Larme Ring    Petite larme rings

Tiny skully ring

My special one

Tiny rings


Love, Sari



NEW IN | Chelsea jewelz

Chelsea bracelet

Yesterday i found a little package on my doorstep and, i have to admit, i danced a little. The thing is, i recently won a goodiebag from Chelsea Jewelz. Their Facebook page was recommended by my sister so thanks to her i won those pretty bracelets :) They made me think of the bracelets she and my mom made. Simple, elegant, colorful and handmade! I highly recommend this beautiful brand. All bracelets are handmade and of very good quality. The colors are beautiful and every single piece feels like a little gift. See my new beauties below.

Love, Sari

Chelsea bracelet

Chelsea bracelets

Arm candy

Wish bracelet


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