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Sunny side up!

Hi guys!

Long time no see and very curious how your summer has been…
Mine was full of studying, friends, work and some very much needed me-time.
After more than a month without my own blog, Bloglovin and other blog related stuff, I’m more than ready to share all my collected inspiration and projects! Lucky you ;)

To start this week (okay it’s day two but still…) I want you to listen to this song below and sing, dance, jump and smile while your at it.
It’s the perfect summer song. Just looking at this vintage video, the happy people and that little boy (boxing! Sigh), it made me happy in no time.

In the meantime I’ll grab a big cup of coffee and schedule some upcoming posts!
It’s already great to be back! Although it will take a while before I’ve read all your new post…

xo Sari

Did you like this one? Of course you did! Find their first song Highly Respected Rebel right here! And the bands website (to buy the first EP) right here for more happy tunes! On the 12th of October they’ll be playing live in Utrecht. Who’s gonna join me?! :)


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Tuesday tunes

Just sit back, relax and enjoy these Tuesday tunes.

Love, Sari


Wanted to share just the first video with you when i bumped into this beautiful video of ‘The Notebook’ AND my current favorite French pirate. Just had to share!


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Thursday tunes

Oh how I love french songs and this girl is amazing! Makes me long for long summer nights, enjoying a glass of good wine with my dearest friends and family and just enjoy life.

This song is from her album ‘Blonde’ and actually all the songs are amazing. Perfect for every moment of the day if you ask me. And… her stage name is Coeur De Pirate, how cool is that :)

Love, Sari

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