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Happy new year!

Happy New Year dear all! Wishing you all the best for 2013. Make it a year full of great adventures, love, friends, laughter, beautiful moments, happy dances and above all a healthy new year.

Source: Flickr.

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September through Instagram

I just wanted to share my September with you through Instagram. For me, this is a special month since it’s the beginning of autumn (means red leaves, candles, sunny days and yes… a lot of rain as well :P) and it’s the month of my moms birthday. For me it’s also a month of new beginnings. I started my mindfulness course, (almost) ended my school project and tomorrow, on the first day of October, I will start with my final internship. September also gives me the urge to change things. Like me interior, wardrobe, haircut etc. I didn’t do any of those things yet because of all the deadlines, but my to do list is waiting impatiently!
First, some of my daily little things through Instagram.

Have a lovely Sunday :)

xo Sari

My best friend brought me a little hummingbird all the way from Brazil!

In my beautiful home town. I love sunny autumn days and old cities.

Enjoying this seasons last outdoor festival with some good friends in Utrecht.

Finishing my wall piece for my interior project.

Getting greedy at Zara. I think I definitely need some boots since autumn already started ;)

Welcoming our new little friend Abu.
Obi’s still not sure if he likes him or not… Time will tell ;)








Getting things done. (One of my favorite things)

Last years autumn feelings at our doorstep.

Birthday flowers for the best mom in the world :)


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10 happy things

I started this blog in February this year, inspired by the little things in life. The things we so easily forget because most of the time we’re too busy with the things, that in the end, don’t matter that much at all. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and be in the moment. To accept the things as they are and love them that way. This is something I didn’t do enough for the past few years, but became more important along the way. It’s just the little things that do the trick and this are the little things that are currently making me smile.

1. The smell of autumn. Autumn arrived with a lot of rain and wind as usual and it makes a lot of people grumpy. I, on the other hand, love the arrival of autumn. The smell of rainy air (is that even the right way to describe…?), trees changing color and I already spotted some chestnuts! All these things remind me of my childhood when my mom, little sister and I used to put on our wellies and stroll down the park searching for chestnuts. At home we made spiders of them while drinking hot chocolate.

2. The closet affair. Organizing my closet is one the my favorite spring and autumn rituals. But at the same time it’s not that much fun at all. Working myself through piles of clothing that I still like, but totally forget during my morning rituals. And then… there’s the throwing away and selling part. Oh my. I wish those clothes could sell themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want to do something to get more money but it is very time consuming. Well, this should be a happy things and it is! I love the feeling when it’s all done. The organized closet (for a week), a lot of new outfit inspiration and A LOT space for a whole new wardrobe. Yay! Let the project begin. And maybe there’s something in it for you later on ;)

3. Finishing a big to do (or a small one). Since I’m almost finished with my big school project I’m a professional in making to do lists! It always makes me calm down (sometimes for a few seconds, but still…) and it’s so much fun to finish all the little tasks. I even cheat by writing down tasks I just did, but weren’t on the list and cross them immediately. Works like a charm!

4. Kittens! Who doesn’t like kittens! My sister and dad cheer me up whole day by sending me cute photos of our little Abu. Even the simplest capture makes me smile like an idiot. (More cute overload soon!)

5. Candles. Autumn means candles all over our apartment and a grumpy boyfriend ;) When it gets darker outside my candle addictions takes over. I like a cozy and warm home especially with the smell of Clean Cotton or Christmas Cookie.

6. Clean sheets. There is nothing better than clean crispy sheets at the end of  the (long and busy/lazy) day. If I didn’t have to change them myself I would jump in a clean bed every single night!

7. Tea and coffee dates all day long. One of my favorite girlfriend dates! Drinking tea or coffee and enjoying each others company. Just as simple as that.

8. Fluffy jumpers. My favorite piece of clothing during eh.. the whole year I guess. Sweaters, hoodies, big cardigans, knitted jumpers, especially chunky knitted over sized jumpers and cardigans. Yes please! Lots of them. I just made room in my closet…

9. Freshly painted nails. I even like the smell of nail polish. Yes, I know. And only the sight of perfectly polished nails makes me smile. Girls…

10. Getting home before it starts raining cats and dogs. Best thing about autumn and winter is sitting on the couch with a big cup of tea and that over sized jumper and the smell of clean cotton candles and nail polish.

Wishing you a happy start of the new season.
What are your current happy things? Feel free to post them (or a link to your blogpost) in the comments and don’t forget to mention me ;)

Love, Sari


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The little things through Instagram

Hi there lovely readers!
Just a quick post since I’m working on some deadlines today. Summer finally arrived (but for how long?) today so I’m taking my laptop and books outside. In the meantime you can enjoy watching the little moments and things I collected via Instagram. My new everyday buddy!

Have a sunny day you all.

Love, Sari

STUDY break with my girls / OBI is taking a break too (like every other day)

UTRECHT evening sky. I love to take photos of skies like this one. Amazing! / LAST week I ordered my very first Iphone. Can’t wait for its arrival it’s taking too long anyway…

CLEARING my head during a little bike ride in Utrecht / PRETENDING to be the best housewife ever by starting my own herb “garden”.

ARM CANDY at Soenda festival / LEN FAKI magic at Soenda festival (photo credits for the bf)

STRAWBERRYtime, finally! / I LOVE the beautiful gardens in my town (and the house coming with them)

ENJOYING summer with the bf / INK and daisies.


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Friday favorites

While studying and cleaning out my closet I heard this song on the radio. It always makes me feel a little bit more happy ánd it makes me want to start taking singing lessons again! (Andrea are you with me?) I used to sing a lot (not only in the shower ;)) and I joined a choir from age 7 till age – too bad I have to guess this – 16? And after that I took some singing lessons with one of my friends. When I moved to Enschede for my study I had to stop and never started again. Shame on me. Now I only sing along with the radio or my favorite playlist.

Speaking of favorites. Besides music I collected some other favorite moments and things.  But before scrolling down, first click the play button so you’ll have some nice background music while scrolling! Clever right?!

Hope you’ll enjoy =)

Love, Sari

THE song that made me smile (and sing!) today. Gotta love the Beatles.

One of my views during a “clearing my head” bike ride in Utrecht. Love to get away for a moment some times and this city is perfect for it. Lucky me =)

 Hihi this picture just made me happy when I saw it the first time and every time I bump into it on my laptop the only thing I want is a baby camel! It’s really too cute! Shot by the amazing Natasha from Paper Crowns.

Had the best day the other day with my little sister and her boyfriend during a shoot with Mirella from Kisagrafie (more about this later).

 Would have loved to spend the whole day in bed, watching tv shows and ordering pizza. Maybe it’s time for me and the boyfriend to plan such a date…

Have a wonderful weekend you all!