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Interior inspiration: a nordic living

Yesterday, while catching up on my blog reading, I found this beautiful house in Goteborg, Sweden. It’s an old (renovated) apartment with an amazing entrance and the interior is just breath taking. It’s that Scandinavian design mixed with the characteristics of this old building,  that make this nordic living such a wonderful home. I could talk about the big white spaces and the mix of different styles and bright colors for hours, but let me show you what I mean by sharing the photos with you.

Welcome to Karl Gustav 20A!














Source: Stadshem

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It’s all about the details

Some fine inspiration to start the weekend. Specially selected for you, my dear readers ;) I love how strong shapes or “little” details can upgrade a simple item and look. I truly believe in the power of details instead of wearing all your statement pieces just at once.  And honestly I’m not that kinda girl that dresses up every morning and these items do it for me! Maybe I’m a little lazy as well…

Hope you all had a fun week. As you already may have noticed, I’m busy (or maybe I can better call it ‘chaotic’ since I’m not that good in planning my time right). I still can’t seem to divide my time correctly and so it turns out that every day is to short or not well spend. Gosh… Thank god the weekend has finally arrived! I’m starting mine very early at the fabric market to buy (I hope!) some nice fabrics for my interior project. The rest of my Saturday will be filled with a lot of women, bra’s and bikini’s at Hunkemöller (my part time job so I can eat, pay the rent of my apartment and shop a little of course). After that I’ll hop on the train to the other side of our little country to keep my bf company while dog sitting at his parents. So I’m looking forward to a Sunday in (how I like to call it) the middle of nowhere just enjoying each others company.

How are you going to spend your weekend? Hope you’ll have a good one!

Love, Sari


Curious where I found this information? Just click on the image and find out! Unfortunately some of them are on my laptop for ages and have a source Unknown. Sorry ’bout that!


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There is beauty in simplicity

I’m really into simple jewelry lately and wanted to share one of my latest loves with you. A few months ago my sister and i both got a new golden ring (made from gold of our mothers parents) and this beauty made me love the beauty of simplicity even more. Though i love a big chunky ring (or bracelet or necklace) sometimes, the little things take over.

Petite Larme Ring    Petite larme rings

Tiny skully ring

My special one

Tiny rings


Love, Sari



Inspiration: Home decor

Fashion has always intrigued me. As a six year old i played dress up with my little sister. Wearing big skirts on our head as beautiful long hair. Walking around like little princesses all day long. Interior on the other hand, really started to get my attention when i moved out. I had only 20 square meters to decorate, but that’s when it al started. Today i wanted to share with you the Little Things that really attract me when it comes to interior decoration. I’m a sucker for the simplicity of industrial design, but also love the Arts & Crafts like wooden furniture. Best of both are in perfect harmony when dreaming about decorating my future (much bigger) home. For now i’ll leave you with some amazing inspiration. Sit back and enjoy!

Love, Sari

Industrial lights

Morning coffee